Saturday, July 23, 2011

Beach Themed Painted Window

This piece was a commission for a friend, and it's finally finished!  She's a true Parrothead, loving all things beachy, so we designed this window around those ideas!  Painted with glass window paint, and now I think I'll incorporate this paint along with my other mosaics in my next window!


  1. AMAZING!!
    found you through totally tutorials and now a ur new follower, also inviting you to stop by my craft blog

  2. help!
    I am trying to mosaic a wood framed. I am using the multi mastic adhesive. I have some on the surface of my tiles, but trying to clean it off makes my pieces move. Is it okay to let it dry, then after clean with a wet sponge?
    thanks for any help!

  3. @ Anonymous- Yes, just let it dry and it will come off afterwards with a wet sponge. It may take a bit, but will clean up great!