Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mosaic Mailbox

Now you can see that maybe I'm a bit too crafty? (is that possible?), I'm probably the only one out there with a mosaic tile mailbox!! It was easy, just spread down mastic on a new white mailbox, arrange tiles, grout with white grout, then spray with an outdoor protector... Another way to use my leftover tiles!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mosaic Tile Mirror

This idea turned out amazing! Still need to grout it (terra cotta color)..., but it goes so well in my mexican themed bathroom! The shower tiles are using the same colors... A fun project with all the leftovers- (it's fun to break tiles!!!)

Marble Backsplash

This was a cool idea I came up with, to use flat marbles as a backsplash in our 2 bathrooms... Just glue up in any design you want!

Zipper Flower Pins

These turned out great! I found a pin I liked on, so I looked up a tutorial on it at (look for zip-flower brooch). Mine is done a bit different (probably because I don't follow directions well...) I LOVE making my own from other's ideas!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Pop Tab purse-side view

Pop Tab Purse (in progress!)

This is another project that I'm very excited about! I found this idea from, where they crochet pop can tabs into purses in Brazil. Mine is woven with black leather cord, and it seems like it will work! Gotta long way to go...

Check out the tute for how to do it my way at youtube- (see -How to Make a Pop Tab Bracelet by SimplyShaJen).

Just one of the projects I've started!

This is how far I've gotten on a knit purse, that will have the scarf as the strap... I got this idea from a great book called Bags That Rock! I love how I picked out the scarf and yarn seperately with no ideas in mind, and that they are sooo perfect together! I usually only get to work on this while in the car picking kids up from preschool, so this one may be a little slow!

Link to My Naptime Designs

Check out some of my completed projects, and I'll be adding ALOT more in the next day or two

My First Blog!

Welcome to my blog!
I'm a stay at home mom, who stays sane by challenging my brain with new projects, ideas, and designs. I currently have about 5-6 projects either in mind or already started, including a pop-tab purse, a knitted purse with a scarf strap, a tin can mosaic mirror, resin earrings, beaded crocheted bracelets, etc... As you can tell, I'm kinda crazy!, and in love with stuffing my brain as full as it can go with ideas that excite me!!
So here goes! I will start a blog of tutorials, pics, inspirations, ideas, tool reviews, etc........