Thursday, May 26, 2011

Comics Flowers with Tutorial!

I've been playing with lots of comic book ideas lately and thought up this one, since I've made flowers with fabric before...  It's fun and easy and a new take on recycling/upcycling!  You will need comics, cloth floral wire and clear drying glue (like Elmer's or Weldbond).

1. Choose your images from comic books, and paint a coat of mod-podge over the area.
2. Take floral wire and bend around a round dowel or object, then pull slightly into a pear shape, wrapping ends together under flower petal.

3. Glue around petal shape and stick to image.  I like to make the wire petals stand up straight to dry correctly.

4. Let dry, and add another coat of mod-podge before assembling.

5. Take 5 petals and twist together, bending into the flower shape, until you are happy with the results.
6. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Maryland Sheep & Wool- Lotsa Ideas!!!!

My guru, Nicole, and I went to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival this past weekend, and now I'm extra inspired again!  I just bought an unfinished Kromski Minstrel spinning wheel!!!!!!!!  I'm going to finish it in mahogany stain, and hopefully can start playing this weekend- (after my guru shows me what the hell I'm doing!)  My hubby also just finished making my raised beds for my cotton "plantation", so I'm just full of excitement (and projects to keep me sane this summer!)

Socks Finished!

Yay! I finished my 2nd pair of socks! This time, top down, and except for the difficult cast-on, I think I may like toe-up socks a bit better, because I keep getting holes when I join back in the round at the heels on the top-downs...  Anyway, now onto gifts of socks for everyone, since I feel the sock fever!!  Hubby's next, I have a month to finish his!