Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dyeing with Easter Egg Dyes!

Yesterday, my friend Nicole came over, and we used leftover easter egg dyes to dye some yarn and roving we had. We perfected alot of the do's and don'ts so you don't have to!

First we started with natural colored roving and yarns (mostly wool, 1 cotton), then soaked the yarns in a vinegar water bath for 15-30 minutes. (3 tbsp white vinegar, then fill rest of your glass bowl with water to cover yarns).

Next we dissolved our colored tablets (seperated into specific colors, using 4-5 kits worth) in a little more vinegar, then filled up more with water.
"Paint" your colors onto your yarns that are on a long sheet of plastic wrap to your liking, not soaking too, too much... When satisfied, place another strip of plastic wrap on top, wrap up loosely, kinda like a "burrito", then put in microwave for 10-15 min on med heat. This will intensify and set your color, keep in microwave until no more liquid comes out, and was clear...

Let sit still wrapped up for a while until cool, then rinse out excess dye.

Let dry- colors will lighten and brighten more when dry!

We learned that wool is best, my pastel yarn was the cotton, and it didn't take the dye well at all, so stick to wool! Cover all surfaces with old towels, and also, that now your house will smell like wet sheep!

This was sooooo much fun, now we can't wait to try it again, I loved the "neon" bright colors we achieved, you could also use kool-aid too, but haven't tried that yet...

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