Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Scrap Yarn Blanket

Here's my latest project- a fun scrap yarn blanket that will be for my daughter's new twin bed.
All I did was cast on 150 stitches, and I'm just knitting the garter stitch with a new yarn each row, with a fringe edge that will go along the side of the bed. It's fun and I can't possibly get bored because I'm always looking ahead to see what color to do next! What a great way to use up your leftover yarns! It's been taking me about 10-15 minutes each row, so who knows how long this one will take me?- Wish me luck, only 7 more feet to go!


  1. Hi how would you wash this blanket?
    My daughter got a blanket that was made out of something similar to this type of yarn and I'm not sure how to wash it. Thanks Brandi

  2. Actually I hadn't thought that far ahead! Guess I will wash it in the washing machine on delicate cycle, then lay it out flat to dry, blocking it if necessary. This blanket has all types of yarns including wool, so my worry is that it would felt or shrink... My advice is just to be gentle!!!