Monday, January 25, 2010

Glass Fusing-1st attempt!

Over the weekend I played around with some new techniques, first - glass fusing, which I've always wanted to do... After 3 failed attempts, my husband and I finally "mastered" the process for full fuse, and got pretty good results for my 1st try ever. Since I had a kiln from my metal casting days, we had a head start!! In case you want to try this too, here's the formula...

1. Slowly bring temperature up to 1200 over 2-3 hours, let sit at 1200 for 1/2 hour. (to let bubbles squeeze out)

2. Ramp up to 1450-1500 as fast as possible (point where glass will "melt"), let sit here 10-15 min for a full fuse, then open door to kiln to flash vent and lower the temperature to 950 as fast as possible (to get past the yucky devitrification stage), let sit at 950 for 1/2 hour to anneal.

3. Let kiln cool off naturally, don't bother glass until it's room temperature...

Voila! Now I'm hooked, so fun and so cool!

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